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Kindergarten Sample

We read

Author: Beth Johnson

Word Count: 35

Description: There's no limit to the places where the King School Kids enjoy reading books, including in class, on the bus, and in the park. But the best place of all is at home, curled up nice and cozy in bed!

First Grade Sample

Where is my glove?

Author: Kathleen Stevens

Word Count: 99

Description: Preparing to go out on a cold day, Derek looks everywhere for his missing glove. His dog, Jack, finally returns the glove to Derek, but only after taking a big chunk out of it.

Second Grade Sample

Circle of Kindness

Author: Beth Johnson

Word Count: 568

Description: Each of the four kids is shown kindness by another child and passes that kindness on.


Reading skills are crucial to student success. The sooner students build these skills, the easier their academic journeys will be. That’s where the King School Series comes in.

Children celebrating their books

Our 85 leveled books help K–2 students develop the confidence andcompetence they need to boost their achievement. And they also help students foster a love of reading. Here’s how:

Appealing characters

Every book features at least one of the four main King School Kids, along with their friends and family. The Kids mirror the diversity of today’s classrooms, and your students will have no trouble finding characters with whom they can identify. Once they read one book about their favorite characters, students will clamor for more!

Book leveling details

Engaging stories

Exuberant illustrations grab students’ attention and keep them curious and interested. Compelling storylines enrich their understanding of themselves and the world around them. Brimming with topics, themes, and situations that resonate with children, the books allow readers to explore emotions in positive and developmentally appropriate ways. As a result, King School books cultivate Social-Emotional Learning (SEL).

Abundant kindness

All King School Series stories are gentle and upbeat, anchored in human kindness and decency—and a dash of humor. Check out any of our stories, and you’ll see it.

Warmth and joy

King School Series read-alongs echo and extend the warmth of the print books. Thanks to the vibrant and loving tones of our skilled voiceover artists (not “bots” or automated readers), students who hear our read-alongs will feel nurtured and valued.

Careful leveling

All 85 stories have been crafted to fit carefully defined leveling criteria for word count, diction, syntax, and text design. Students’ upward spiral of achievement will build their confidence and pleasure in reading. Details about leveling criteria can be found here.

Classroom supplements

The King School Series books features a Teacher’s Guide for every grade level. Each contains a variety of resources to accompany each title and deepen students’ connections with the books. These include:

A Detailed Lesson Plan

A Detailed Lesson Plan

A Story Check Activity

A Story Check Activity

A Hands-on Activity

A Hands-on Activity

A Running Record

A Running Record

Affordable pricing

Always mindful of school budget realities, Townsend Press offers King School Series printed books for the low price of just $3 each. Flexible purchase/subscription options on Mackin and OverDrive also keep costs down for school and library purchases.

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